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CRM Grid Action makes it easier for user to do common action from the grid. CRM Grid Action reduces the number of click a users has to make by allowing then to perform action with out opening the entity form. CRM Grid Action allows you to complete activities right from the grid

I have created a new product call "ICRM One Click Activity" that is faster, simpler and more powerful than CRM Grid Actions. "ICRM One Click Activity" does not require any programing experience or need to know how to modify the isv_config file. See Discussions or or for more info.

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CRM Grid Actions ables the user to perform common crm action right from the grid with out opening the entity.


  • CRM Grid lets the user complete activities (task, phone calls, emails, letters, appointments, fax) right from the grid with out having to open the activity.
  • CRM Grid also allows you to create a phone call, task, email or case from the contact grid with out opening the contact (next version will included accounts).
  • Set the primary contact right from the contact grid. You no longer have to open the account check the contact then go back to the info section and search again for the contact. Now just open the account and click on the contact pick the contact that is the primary and choose set as primary and you are done.


Note the actions do not refresh the current grid or window after the update you will need to refresh the grid or the whole window (F5) to see the changes.

This is a web project and should be published in your ISV folder on your mscrm server. You will need to update your ISVconfig file following Microsoft's supported methods to add the button in your CRM (see ISVButton_setting.xml for sample buttons and menus). Also make sure to update the web.config file appSetting key="crmServerUrl" for your crm server url.

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